Thursday, March 19, 2015

Cards from the Underdog

A few days ago I found a bubble mailer in my mailbox that I wasn't expecting. While I've completed a few trades recently, I haven't received many new cards in the mail. Well thanks to the Underdog Card Collector, I have some new cards!

We've exchanged e-mails in the past, but nothing recently, all the more reason I was surprised he sent me a little package. He knew I was easing myself back into cards, though he knew from my toy blog that I hadn't given up on blogging. Inside the mailer was a nice stack of cards, both Atlanta Braves and Carolina Panthers. I've decided to take my favorite cards from the stack to share, but I appreciate everything that was sent.

From the 2015 Topps comes this beautiful Inspired Play insert of current fireballer, Craig Kimbrel and Hall of Famer, John Smoltz. I really like the faded copper colored background.

I'm always surprised when somebody sends me a relic or autograph card just out of the blue. Even those the Braves opted not to bring Kris Medlen back for the 2015 season, I'll always take whatever cards of his I can get as he was so much fun to watch on the mound.

The Greats was an insert from 2013 Topps that look nice enough to have come from one of the many sets released that year. Printed on a thicker cardboard, these have that premium feel. Smoltz is one of the guys I like to collect and this is one that had eluded me thus far so I'm very happy to add this one to the collection.

Reggie White
2000 Collector's Edge Masters Holofoil #0793/1000

I don't have many Reggie White cards as a Carolina Panther. Even though this card didn't scan very well, I can promise you it looks much better in person.

This off season the Panthers decided to part ways with long time running back, DeAngelo Williams. I believe this decision was made in part to the production of this guy, Jonathan Stewart. While Stewart has had some health issues in the past, when he is healthy watch out! This is the Xfractor version of his 2008 Topps RC.


  1. Right on, Colbey! Thank you for the nice post.

    Welcome back to the CardboardOverse, though it's true: I never lost touch with you reading Random Toy Reviews.

    Thank you for the cards you sent me (both in the break as well as the nice coming soon) and I'll be sure to follow up soon!