Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Opening Day 2015 is almost here...let's celebrate with 2 packs of 2015 Opening Day

Opening Day of the 2015 Major League Baseball season is just around the corner. You know what that means, Topps has their Opening Day set revved and ready to go.

I find it odd that I'm buying Opening Day cards when I haven't even collated and made a want list for the hobby box of 2015 Topps I bought! Man I'm a slacker!

At $.99 a pack I can't resist picking up at least a few packs each season. I don't really collect these cards, but it's a cheap fix. Plus there seems to be at least one cool insert set I like.

Scanning over the listed odds on the back of the pack I grabbed at Target the other day shows parallels 1:5 packs, 1/1 parallel 1:10,080, serially numbered Printing Plates 1:2,391, base card variations 1:307, Superstar Celebration inserts return at 1:5 packs, along with Mascots 1:5. Opening Day Stars fall 1:24 packs and I'm assuming (and hoping) those feature the lenticular design. Hit the Dirt, Stadium Scenes, Franchise Flashbacks all come in at 1:5, Team Spirit 1:36, Autographs 1:383, Mascot Autographs 1:776 and Opening Day Relics 1:383 packs.

Well, no Braves for me in the first pack. One ex-Brave however. Guess I'll toss the Hamilton and McCutchen in their respective PCs.

Now here is a small insert set I could get behind. I appreciate the subject theme and can't wait to see more cards from this set. The photo of George isn't too bad, but I can't help but think it would have looked better if the picture was snapped just a second or two later. I wanna see some dirt flyin' in the photo!

Pack 2 yielded a Georgia boy and finally a Brave! The other cards will be going into my trade stack. I'll get those added to the Trade List Google Doc soon.

I would think by now these Mascot inserts could be retired...but I guess there are plenty of people who still like 'em.

So for my buck 98 I got a pretty cool Hit the Dirt insert and my first Opening Day Braves player...who get this, is actually on the 2015 roster! Pretty par for the course I'd say.

What's that I spot in the corner of my eye? 2015 Donruss? Hmm...

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