Saturday, March 26, 2016

Home Field Advantage - A New Facebook Group for Bloggers!

When it comes to hobbies...I have a lot of them! I often find myself not sure how to spend my free time as I have several different things that all fight for my attention. I also like to share whats going with my different hobbies, thus this blog and others that can be found in the left hand side bar. While this blog has no problems attracting readers or finding people to interact with and make trades with, that couldn't be said for some of my other blogs.

Enter Facebook. I quickly started to find different themed groups where I could eventually share my blog posts and help spread the word. I've been doing that a lot lately for my newest blog on video games. I'm not sure why, but it never occurred to me to look for baseball card groups on Facebook until the other day. However once I started to look, all I could find was a plethora of B/S/T groups. While there is nothing wrong with those, I was hoping to find a group that was maybe more trade friendly or just somewhere would I could post links to my newest post. After a lot of searching I couldn't find anything so I decided to make my own group.

The group is called Home Field Advantage. I know there are others that operate blogs that also keep up a Facebook presence so I'm hoping to find others that will find the group beneficial for their blog and/or for trading and what not. If you are on Facebook, have a trading card blog and are looking for another outlet to get more exposure for said blog or just want to chat or post want lists, join the group. It's currently set to Public so it should be easy to find.