Thursday, June 16, 2016

2016 Topps Now: Freddie Freeman #117 (310 print run)

I was behind Topps and their eTopps program from years ago, but I haven't felt the need to buy into their newest program, Topps Now. At first I thought the program offered oversized cards, but when I realized that wasn't the case and they were regular sized cards I became a little more intrigued. After all, I like the idea of producing a small print run of cards based on a player's performance in a single game. However the problem with all of this is that I'm a Braves fan and the 2016 Braves...well basically they suck.

A few weeks ago I was telling my wife about the program (for some odd reason) and how cool it would be if a Braves player got their own card, but seeing how poorly they've been playing I didn't see that happening. Then the next day Freddie Freeman goes yard with a walk off HR to win the game on June wife's birthday no less!

The next day I eagerly signed on to Topps' website to purchase the card. Then the wait begun. I had no idea how long it was take for the card to arrive and finally the other day I received this big white cardboard shipping envelope in the mail from Topps. Was it my Topps Now card or one of the two redemption cards I've been waiting on for some time now? (see the Redemption! section on the side bar) Well I'm happy to report that it was in fact the Now card.

Freddie's card only had a print run of 310 and skimming through the website it appears this is one of the lowest print runs thus far. I also happened to be watching this game against the Giants so it was cool watching Freddie hit the homer and immediately thinking, "Yes! Freddie will now appear in Topps Now!".

And wouldn't you know it, last night Freddie hits for the Cycle so I expect to see another Topps Now card of him offered later today...and yes, I will be buying it!

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  1. I see your Freeman Cycle card is up right now!! Now the Braves have one more card than the Brewers in the set.