Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A Baseball Birthday

This year my birthday fell on Father's Day so it was especially special. I spent most of the day at HeroesCon, a large comic book convention in my back yard of Charlotte, NC. While I was away from my family most of the day, it gave my wife a chance to take my daughters to the store to pick something out for me. She said it was funny how the girls wanted to buy me a little of everything I like. Transformers, baseball cards, video games and comics. Yep, they know me well!

I ended up getting a nice framed canvas picture of a classic issue of Amazing Spider-Man, two comic themed t-shirts and 4 packs of baseball cards, hand picked by each of my daughters.

Earlier this year I grabbed a bunch of the MLB Wacky Packages packs, but I've yet to collate them or make a want list. I intend on doing that this week with my daughter's help. I know they don't capture the true essence that the original Wacky Packages did, but I still dig the set.

Ever since Panini brought back the Donruss brand a few years ago I've been a fan, but since I've cut my buying back to just sets I want to build I hadn't bought any of 2016 Donruss. That said I was glad my oldest daughter picked this pack. She also grabbed me a series 2 2016 Topps which just hit my area.

Neither of the packs yielded much of anything spectacular, but it was just special to me that my daughters picked these packs out and gave them to me. I recently picked up a cheap 90's box of wax to open w/ my girls since they seem to like opening packs so I can't wait for that to arrive so I can share that experience as well.

I pulled a Brave who's not a Brave anymore, a gold red bird and a Berger's Best Mike Piazza

Anytime you pull a new Ripken is a good day!


  1. Wait. If I have children, there's a chance I'll receive Wacky Packages for Father's Day? Maybe I need to rethink my stance on having kids. Sounds like you had one amazing Father's Day! Congratulations.