Wednesday, July 27, 2016

2016 Topps Now: Chase d'Arnaud #257 (180 print run)

As bad of a season as the Braves are having, I am surprised that this makes the 4th player to receive a card in Topps Now (5th for the team if you count the card for the game played at Fort Bragg earlier in July). Having cards of Freddie or Julio weren't all that surprising I guess, but the latest player to get the Topps Now treatment. I never would have seen this one coming.

After a home game on July 16th, Chase d'Arnaud took the stage at Turner Field and "sung" with his band in a post-game concert. I watched the game on the 16th and left the television on so I saw some of Chase's performance. Well let's just say I'm glad he gets a decent paycheck as a baseball player because his music career probably won't be going anywhere soon!

The next day, July 17th, the Braves hosted the Colorado Rockies again at home. I watched the entire game and the innings went by quickly as neither team could muster any real offensive attack. In the bottom of the 9th however, Chase hit a single to left centerfield and Ender Inciarte made home for the game winning run. It was great seeing this utility guy get the game winning hit and to see him mobbed by his teammates on the base paths. 

When I checked Topps' site the next day sure enough he had a card and I plopped down the $10 to add it to my Braves collection. Once the initial 24 hour window had closed, only 180 cards were printed. As of today, 07/27/16, this card still has the lowest print run of all 287 cards that have been made thus far. I don't know if it'll end up having the lowest print run by the end of the season, but none the less I'm glad to have another great Braves Topps Now card to add to my team collection.

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