Saturday, April 8, 2017

30 Day Baseball Card Challenge - Day 7

A card you bought in person and the story behind it

I used to frequent a little card and comic shop in Pineville, NC called Collector's World. I first went to the shop for my comics, but around the mid to late 90's I was getting back into collecting cards again. This is where I discovered new ways to collect cards. I thought the only way to collect was set building, but a lot of the regulars there opened my eyes to new ideas. 

I don't recall why I selected Rey Ordonez as my first Player Collection, but I believe it was because of they way he flashed the leather in the outfield. Being a Braves fan I would get to see Rey play on TV fairly often so it wasn't that hard to follow his career. Plus his cards were cheap. The card shop owner new of my new PC and would alert me anytime he came across cards of Rey. One afternoon when I stopped by after classes he pulled out Rey's 1995 Bowman RC. I couldn't have spent more than a dollar or two on the card, but it's one of my favorite cards in my Ordonez collection. There were RCs in this set that were much more sought after and at times I had some of those (Andruw Jones/Vladimir Guerrero), but to this date this is the one that is still in the collection.

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