Sunday, April 16, 2017

30 Day Baseball Card Challenge - Day 15

DAY 15
One of your favorite cards from the 2010s

I've been a fan of Jeff Francoeur since his first time around w/ the Braves, so when he signed a minor league contract during 2015's spring training I was estatic. Even more so when he made the team. I hated buying his cards in early 2016 that still featured him as a Philidelphia Phillie! I had to wait until series 2 before I could get new Francouer Braves cards. 

I particularly like this 2016 Topps Update card of his as it shows him being congratulated by his teammates. Jeff was a team player and always seemed to be well liked by his teammates. I was sad to see him traded last year and I hope perhaps he'll have one more go around w/ the Atlanta ballclub.

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