Tuesday, July 11, 2017

An All-Star pack of Topps

I found myself traveling yet again for work the week of the 2017 MLB All-Star festivities. I was able to make it back to my hotel room with dinner (Five Guys Burgers & Fires FTW!) in time to see most of the Home Run Derby. I like the changes they made to the derby last year with the timer as opposed to the Outs they used to use. While it was fun, I was really looking forward to the actual All-Star game the next evening.

Work today took longer than I had originally expected, but I needed to hit Target on my way back to the hotel to pick up some little gifts for my daughters. I thought it just wouldn't be right to watch the game this evening without opening at least one pack of baseball cards! I had hope to grab a pack of Archives, but it seems like it's all but dried up at retail in my area. So I grabbed another pack of 2017 Topps Series 2. I haven't bought a lot of Series 2 yet, but what I have I've been on the fence regarding the inserts. Other than the continuation of the 1987 themed set, I'm sure if I'll bother with the others. Speaking of inserts, here is what I got out of the pack.

I do like history so this Memorable Moments set is starting to grow on me a bit. Not the best design, but I've seen worse from Topps.

Perfect example of a set I'm on the fence about. The Home Run Derby is usually a lot of fun to watch each year and this set goes back into the archives to highlight some of the participants and their feats...but I can't help but to feel I've seen this design used before.

Hey! I got one of those Rediscover Topps cards. I haven't pulled many of these before so I have no idea if the different colored foil used on them puts them in different rarity brackets or not. I'd love to trade this for a Rediscover Topps card of a Braves player or any other player I collect (see sidebar).

So far I've enjoyed the game...though it sucked to see Alex Wood finally get in the game and then give up the game's first run. I'm still waiting for that jerk (i.e. Bryce Harper) to do something stupid and cost the NL the game! Even though the Commissioner removed the "This time it counts" home field advantage from the winning team, I'm still a National League guy so I'll be rooting for them to win the game...even if tonight's team has that jerk in left field. I'm also still waiting for the one lone Braves representative (Ender Inciarte) to make it in the game as well. Come on Joe...put Ender in the game already!

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