Friday, July 21, 2017

Rey Ordonez Holy Grail

Being a super collector of a player is tough, especially when that player played in the 90's and early 2000's. Card companies were much more plentiful back then and they loved their parallels. I already have enough trouble trying to keep track of the cards released. I can't even fathom trying to be a super collector of a modern day player.

Speaking of parallels, Pacific Trading Card Company had their fair share of different colored parallels, including low serially numbered parallels. I also believe they may have been one of the first trading card companies to include 1/1 printing plates into packs. Unlike the Topps printing plates, Pacific didn't include a sticker on the back of the slab of metal with card info. Kinda bland if you ask me, but again they were pioneers in this area.

Recently I had a chance to pick up not one, but two Rey Ordonez 1/1 printing plates. I ran across a seller that was selling printing plates of many different players and he had two cards of Rey. I didn't even know these cards existed and I took a lot of pride into the completeness of the list of his cards I've compiled. Needless to say I was quick to strike a deal. The cards just arrived the other day and man are these awesome. Of course it threw off my organization in my binder and had to move a lot of cards to make way for these, but hey that's part of the growing pains collectors go through.

1998 Pacific Omega 1/1 Printing Plate

I honestly can't remember if Topps releases the print plates for the back of their cards, but obviously Pacific did. While it's cool to own this card, it's really not the easiest card to read because of blue text on the light blue background. I also recently discovered the front side of this card was recently on eBay...but I was sniped at the last minute this week and lost out. I really wish I could contact the buyer and make them offer so I could "complete" this card.

1999 Pacific Private Stock 1/1 Printing Plate

I also grabbed this '99 Private Stock printing plate. I particularly loved this set by Pacific and was able to build the entire set by hand. I'm so thrilled to be able to add this card to my Rey Ordonez super collection as well.

I'm getting down to a few autographs, low serially numbered parallels and 1/1 of cards before my collection will be complete (if that will ever happen) so you can imagine my being on cloud 9 with these purchases. I've been at collection Rey ever since his rookie year in 1995 and I'm thrilled I'm getting closer and closer to picking up every card he has. Still have some work to do though so if you can help me out or at least point me in the right direction I'd very much appreciate it. Here's a link to my master collection of what I have (in blue) and what I'm looking for still (in black).


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