Monday, November 5, 2012

Affordable Group Break Preview Pack - 1994 Upper Deck Fun Pack

I bought a lot of cards in the mid 90's, but I never got around to buying any of Upper Deck's Fun Packs.  I may not be the only one in this boat so I decided to show off a few cards from the box that'll be part of this month's Affordable Group Break.

The basic cards feature a kid friendly look with bright colors.  I personally don't mind the design, but the large border does cut down on the actual photograph.  The card backs feature some sort of caricature or cartoon along with a little bio and 1993's stats.

One thing I like about these set are the subsets like this Head Line Stars.  The image of Greg Maddux is die-cut and it lifts up to reveal (in this case) Roger Clemens underneath.  The flap is glued down and I haven't bothered to remove the glue.

Another one of the subsets is called Profiles.  While the front of the card may look a little tacky, I like the back a lot more.  I can see how kids would've really liked reading the info on cards like these.

Remember if you like what you see here this is just one of the boxes in this month's Affordable Group Break.  Bidding on teams start at just $.25.  To place a bid or to learn more refer to the original post.

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