Saturday, August 17, 2013

Pack Break - 2013 Topps Garbage Pail Kids Chrome

I know I've been out of the loop these last few months and I may have lost some readers, but I'm still here and messing with cards...just not nearly as much as I used to.  This is for many reasons, but I do have something new to share for a change!

Last week while getting a few last minute items for the big local Transformers convention I had been helping with the last 12 months prepare for, I stopped into Target and of course peeked at the card section before leaving.  I was half curious to see if retail Allen & Ginter had landed yet (it had), but I resisted thanks to having a hobby box coming in a matter of days.  What caught my eye was some shiny pink Garbage Pail Kids packs.  They looked different and upon further inspection I found them to be Chrome versions of the very first series from 1985!  Sold!  I had to see what these were like.  With being out of the game for awhile these completely caught me by surprise.  Enough talk, let's rip!

Only 4 cards per pack, but that's typical for any Topps Chrome product.  Inserts include: Refractors 1:3, Prism Refractor 1:50, SuperFractor 1:9,967, Printing Plate 1:2,490, GPK Redemption 1:21,900, Chrome Concept Sketch 1:3, Chrome Concept Sketch Printing Plate 1:3,340, Artist Autograph Base Parallel 1:498

The scan makes these really sharp and shiny cards look blurry and dull, but man oh man do they look good in hand!  The Dead Flora card is one of those Lost GPK cards that was never published in the 80's, similar to what they did w/ the GPK Flashback series.

...and speaking of the Lost cards, here is another.

The last card of the pack was one of the Chrome Concept Sketch cards!  Boy, Blasted Billy sure did undergo a big change from conception to final image.  Nice touch Topps for inserting these images.

All in all, I love these!  I'd love to tackle building the set (or at least the A set), but one of the reasons I've dropped off a bit from collecting cards is 1) I'm so far behind on cataloging what I have, 2) Price of new cards and 3) Just being a little burnt out.  I have to say opening this pack was a lot of fun and takes me back to my childhood.  Don't be surprised if you see a few more packs opened here in the near future.  Up next (I hope), a box break post of 2013 A&G!


  1. Very nice. I saw that this was coming out. And being a huge GPK fan I might have to search some of this out.