Wednesday, September 4, 2013


That's the way I feel as I look at the stacks and stacks of cards on my computer desk at home.  Have you ever felt this way?  I'm at the point where I'm almost ready to just walk away from card collecting.  I still love, I really do, but I've just fallen so far behind on cataloging new cards and trade bait.  On top of that I feel as if this blog has become too much work and almost a burden.  I feel as if I owe all of you guys that have been so great to me something in the form of regular and entertaining posts.

I'm not a quitter though.  I will find the time to power through all of this, I may have to hold off on some of the blog projects I had going like scanning all of my Braves inserts, autos and relics.  Eventually I'll get back to semi-regular posting, I just don't know when that will happen.

I recently bought a rack pack of the new 2013 Topps Football and while I loved opening the pack, I just couldn't muster up the excitement that I had last year to want to build the set.  Thankfully though the recent box of Allen & Ginter I opened (and even a few packs of Garbage Pail Kids Chrome) have renewed my desire to keep collecting.

I guess going forward I need smaller and more concise collecting goals.  One thing that is apparent is I can't build (or attempt to) so many different sets.  I need to focus on one or two sets until they are done...or at least a few cards away from being done.  While I won't stop collecting my Atlanta Braves or my hometown Carolina Panthers and soon the be Charlotte Hornets again, I don't see myself searching out deals at card shows (that rarely come to my area) or online at eBay.  I'm still open to trading of course, but I've got to get my extra cards in order before I can attempt to do anymore trades.

The other realization I came too is I need to pair down my player collections.  I've expanded it way too large over the years so I need to reel that in a bit.  Eventually I'll edit the sidebar w/ the players I'm actively collecting.

So there you have it.  I just wanted to give a real update on why I've been absent of sorts.  I want to walk away, but I know I'll miss it if I I just need to put in the time and effort to get caught up and then make the necessary changes so I won't feel defeated.


  1. One thing at a time. I get overwhelmed too, but I find if I focus on one stack at a time, I can get through the mess pretty quickly.

  2. reminds me of the ages-old riddle:
    How do you eat an elephant?
    one bite at a time... one bite at a time...

    I was feeling a bit overwhelmed earlier this year myself, and though I've not blogged as much this year (with the way my Phils are playing? who would!!) I have started organizing my PCs. I started by separating all my Phils by infield and outfield, then divided those up by position, and in not much time at all, I have all my Phillies cards in three boxes, in alphabetical order! Now I'm in the process of placing them in binders and cataloging them by player into spreadsheets. I now know almost every Chase Utley card that I own and should have them all by week's end (I do have a few cards in 1 or 2 binders un-accounted for)
    as for the sets, not collecting any new sets (other than Opening Day) until I get a few things under control, and a few others finished. I have purchased the A&G Phillies from my fellow bloggers so I don't need to bust any of that. And though I won't stop trading, I have stopped initiating trades on my end for now as most of my trade bait is gone.

  3. It sounds like you already worked out what you need to do - and it will still be fun. Good luck with the follow through.

    Most of us go through those times like yourself. Take any breaks you need, and you'll find us here ready to welcome you back when you're ready.

  4. totally understand where you're coming from. the pieces of cardstock get overwhelming and when you decide to start something new, it's an overwhelmingly daunting task...i just downloaded the 2012 redskins checklist...over 3500 cards. most of which i will never own, but it's the chase, right?

  5. Wait. Where'd you get that picture? That looks like my desk. I feel your pain and feel the same way from time to time. During the week I feel overwhelmed with my job... and tell myself... I'll take care of it on the weekend. Then the weekend arrives and I'm like... I need a break. It's a vicious circle... but usually I'll bust out of my funk for a solid hour or two on Sunday. And that's when I get 98% of my cardboard stuff done for the week. In the end... I just remind myself that it's a hobby and something I love. As soon as I feel like it's more of a job than a hobby... I'll probably retire and start traveling.

  6. WOW! Glad to know that I'm not the only one overwhelmed by a stack of cardboard that seems to be going unattended. This blogs and all the comments have motivated me to get back to the sorting and enjoying.

  7. Thanks guys for all the positive comments. I've yet to really tackle those stacks yet as I have other issues in my "man cave" I need to address first, but I have to admit it's kinda refreshing now to be scouring all over the internet looking for that ____ card I don't have yet. I recently picked up a few new cards so I still have the desire and interest...just need to figure out how to squeeze a few more hours into the day!

  8. Random question, but what are those little pink plastic guys in the lower right of the first pic called? I had a few of those when I was a kid, and think I still have 2 or 3 that I hung onto over the years (if those are the same things I'm thinking of).

    1. Those are M.U.S.C.L.E. figures. If you have those still and want to get rid of them, please let me know!