Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Waiting Game Begins!

It's been awhile since I've played the redemption waiting game w/ Topps, but here I stand on the threshold of entering a new code. I've held true (for the most part) about staying away from baseball posts during this off season, so this redemption isn't for the latest Braves auto or relic...nope it's for my first WWE auto in quite some time.

While I'm not the biggest WWE fan or collector in the world, professional wrasslin' has been a guilty pleasure of mine since I was a little. I have many fond memories of going to my grandfather's house for the annual WCW StarCade PPV. This Neville kid reminds me of the older style wrestlers in some ways so it's pretty cool that this redemption card turned up to be for a card of his.

So let the waiting commence! Code has been entered as of this evening. How long will it take? Will I even get the card I'm supposed to? Perhaps I should put up the little "Redemption Card Watch" gadget on the sidebar?


  1. This shouldn't take too long. Neville signed on-card for Undisputed. The Heritage autos are mostly on-card as well, so it's just a question of Topps setting something up when the WWE comes to town. I just busted a box of this last night and pull a Finn Balor auto. Good luck on a speedy redemption!

    1. The last time I submitted a WWE redemption I didn't even get the card that I was supposed to get...they said they "ran out". What?!