Saturday, September 3, 2016

Affordable Group Break Sign Ups are LIVE!

** 09/06/16 UPDATE ** Each slot will now contain 3 total teams! Two of them will be randomized once the break fills up. Only two slots remain so help me spread the word. If we don't get anyone else to join in, I'll have to eat the cost myself and take the other teams that aren't randomized. Hopefully we can get this done before the boxes arrive this Friday! If you claimed a team(s), please go ahead and remit your payment ASAP. Thank you! **

Yesterday I threw out there an idea and I got enough of a positive response that I'm going to run with this. If you didn't see my previous post then here is the deal.

I'll be breaking 2 hobby boxes of 2016 Topps Strata plus one hobby box of another 2016 Topps product, to be revealed when my shipment arrives. Boxes are currently scheduled to be in hand on Friday, 09/09/16. Boxes will be ripped LIVE via my blog's Facebook page. I'll also do a recap type post here once everything has been opened.

I always try to make my breaks affordable, hence the name. We are going to have 10 total slots, with each slot consisting of three teams...for just $17 a slot. You pick the first team and once we have 10 participants we'll randomly assign the unclaimed teams. I'll do a video and post it of the teams being randomly assigned by mid-week next week. Shipping will be extra. Costs will be $5 for the first slot and $2 for each additional slot. These will be mailed in boxes via USPS.

I always make sure no one goes home empty handed so if you participate, you WILL get cards for each team regardless of what is pulled from the boxes. I also may pick up a few random packs to include as well just to make things more fun.

I've already ordered the boxes so if you can go ahead and pay now I'd appreciate it. You can send the funds via PayPal to Please note that I don't use this email address for much more than payments. If you need to e-mail me, please use my default e-mail. I look to get started next Friday around 9 PM EST, however that time is flexible.

Since the response was so good, I'm going to assign those who previously commented with the team they requested. This means we only have a few slots left! If you are interested, please leave a comment w/ the team you want.

01 - Cardboard Collections / Braves / Rockies / Astros (PAID)
02 - The Junior Junkie / Mariners / Mets / White Sox (PAID)
03 - Andy Stetson / Cubs / Marlins / Diamonbacks (PAID)
04 - Josh D. / Royals / Twins / Yankees (PAID)
05 - madding / Cardinals / Indians / Rangers (PAID)
06 - Robert / Blue Jays / Rays / Brewers (PAID)
07 - Play at the Plate / Angels / Pirates / A's (PAID)
08 - Play at the Plate / Dodgers / Tigers / Padres (PAID)
09 - Cardboard Collections / Red Sox / Phillies / Nationals (PAID)
10 - Cardboard Collections / Orioles / Reds / Giants (PAID)