Monday, November 26, 2018

Welcome Home Brian

I was on my way home earlier today from working in Spartanburg, SC when I got a notification on my phone from MLB's At Bat mobile app that the Atlanta Braves had signed Brian McCann to a 1 year deal. Of course there had been a lot of talk in Braves Country of what we were going to do after Kurt Suzuki signed w/ the Washington Nationals. Sure, there was some talk of bringing back McCann, similar to how everyone had been talking about re-signing Craig Kimbrel too. However I'm not sure how many fans actually believed we'd see either of these guys in a Braves uniform again.


I can certain tell you that this Braves fan is very excited to have a familiar face returning to the dugout. I am tempering my expectations however on what he'll be bringing to the know outside his veteran presence. I hated seeing Suzuki go, I really did. This signing however takes away the sting.

The Braves didn't stop here however with the signings as it was also announced that Josh Donaldson had also been signed to a one year deal pending a physical. Of course this raises the question of what are the Braves going to do w/ Johan Camargo?

Well right now I'm just going to sit here, smile and just look forward to the 2019 season that much more now.


  1. Just heard about Suzuki today. I actually enjoyed seeing him play in Atlanta. Rushed over to to see if I could find a Braves shirt with his name on it (hopefully on clearance), but it looks like they didn't make one for him.

  2. I had mixed feelings about both of these signings. Bottom line is McCann should be a good platoon mate at catcher so it is a good fit. With Donaldson my thought is we have a 3B already in Johan Camargo so use the $23M on pitching or an outfielder to replace Markakis. A friend has talked me off the cliff. Donaldson will be very motivated to have a great year and Camargo should be a pretty good utility guy who can play all over the infield. I've also hear rumors of him going to the OF. We'll see but for now I'm hoping Josh Donaldson has a flashback to 2015, 2016, or 2017 and it will be $23M well spent. (And Freddie Freeman will enjoy having a big bat behind him)

    1. We'll see about Donaldson. I hate to see Camargo displaced at 3B, but if Josh can return to his MVP form it'll be a nice problem to have having so many good players.