Monday, October 21, 2019

Pack Break: 2019 Topps Now Future

It's rare that I ever order anything offered in Topps' online store, but I did take a blind stab when they first offered their Topps Now Future packs back during the summer of the 2019 season. This pack was opened, then got lost in a stack as I was a little disappointed I didn't pull a Braves player. Fast forward to the night before the World Series where the Houston Astros face off against the Washington Gnats Nationals and all the sudden one of the cards pulled doesn't seem so bad.

All 3 of the cards I pulled were the "if the ____ wins the World Series" type cards. I know there are payer award winner cards too as I bought a Freddie Freeman on eBay earlier this summer. Originally I didn't think much about these 3 cards...however tonight one stands out more than the others.

Already scratched his bad boy and redeemed the code earlier this evening. I was already pulling for the Astros because this Braves fan can't watch the rival Nationals win the World Series. Plus the Astros have some pretty cool (and short) players that are fun to watch!

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  1. Game 1 was pretty awesome. Soto was insane and the Gnats are one step closer to bring home their first WS Title. Honestly... I wouldn't mind seeing either team win. I've got players on both teams I root for.