Thursday, October 21, 2021

Box Break: 2021 Topps WWE Chrome (Hobby)

First off let me apologize for the lack luster photo quality...I ripped this box while working from home on the couch while I had WWE Crown Jewel playing in the background.

The much anticipated WWE Topps Chrome set is finally out and boy does it not disappoint. Back for it's second year, the hobby box configuration is 24 packs with 4 cards per pack. Refractors once again all 1:1 packs with on card autograph cards falling two per box.

The design is pretty simple overall. I'm glad Topps went with a "less is more" type approach...not that 2020's design was bad. Where I believe this set shines is the photo selection of the wrestlers. There were some really bad photos last year (see Peyton Royce for instance), however this year it's much better. 

The above images are a sample of the one per pack Refractors pulled from the box. While it's odd seeing cards of talent that are no longer with the promotion, I do like the overall checklist. Once again, wrestlers from the different brands, Raw, Smackdown and NXT are represented.

If you like to chase the rainbow the you'll be happy to hear that a smattering of colored Refractor parallels exist, such as this Aqua Refractor numbered to 150.

Image Variations make their return again and feature the Refractor finish. I actually pulled 4 of these variations, though the one of Erik (Viking Raiders) eluded my attention when I was ripping and sorting.

Cruiserweight Greats I read was a retail exclusive insert set, yet here I pulled an Angel Garza. I like the theme, but I hate that the set is 10 cards. When will card companies wise up and start making sets in odd numbers like 9 or 18 so they fit better into 9 pocket pages?!

5 Timers Club has a good theme in which it features wrestlers that have held a title 5 times or more. The back of the card features a small write up of the title/belt that was held on multiple occasions.

The In Your House die-cut inserts are probably my favorite. Parallels exist as well, though I wish the /99 Green version I pulled was the regular base version as I'm chasing the set and one colored card will trigger my OCD!

The main draw for most I imagine is the fact that two on card autos are guaranteed in each box. I happened to get two autos from the base set, but there are also autos of the 5 Timers Club. Like with most of the inserts, colored parallels exist. This Green parallel of Drew McIntyre is numbered 72/99. The base autos are numbered out of /199, with this Mustafa Ali being 163/199.

Topps has done a great job with this product. I hate that it was delayed as many times as it was, but delays are just something that we've all come to expect with the current landscape of the world what it is. Boxes are still hovering around $100/box which considering what Chrome baseball is going for, this is a steal! Like with last year, I hope to build both the base and Refractor sets. I uploaded my wants and needs to earlier today hoping to eventually find some trading partners. 


  1. I would be all in if there was a legends-only release. Thanks for showing off the cards!

    1. You know, I'm surprised Topps hasn't dedicated a release to former/retired/Hall of Fame wrestlers. Maybe that's something they'll look into after they lose their MLB license?