Friday, March 18, 2022

Care Package from SMG

The other day I had a package waiting for me in the mail box and it was simply addressed to "Hops". I knew immediately who the sender was without even looking at the return address. Larry, the Sewing Machine Guy had sent me a bubble mailer with cards for no other reason than him just being a cool guy.

Of course inside the bubble mailer were several Braves cards. This Detroit Tigers fan knows what I like after all! There were far more cards than the ones pictured, but these were some of my favorites. Dansby Swanson is one of my favorite Braves players so it was pretty sweet to get his Archives and Heritage RCs. Ian Anderson is another up and coming young player so finding another one of his RCs was also nice to see.

Thank you so much Larry for the nice little Braves care package...I'll make sure to put these cards to good use!

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  1. The Glavine image is really great. Even the colors are awesome!