Friday, June 17, 2022

Affordable Group Breaks Return!

That's right! After taking off several months from offering my breaks here on the blog, they are coming back this weekend...well at least for one week. I've decided to take a gamble and opt to break a more expensive product than normal, that being...

1997 Donruss Preferred

Sign ups for this break will go live this Sunday evening, 06/19/22, around 9 PM Eastern both here on the blog and in my Facebook group. I'll do my best to update the posts as quickly as teams are claimed, but if this is a break you'd like to participate in this is your heads up. If you aren't familiar with this awesome set, check out the Trading Card Database's page for the set.

Prices per team will range from $7 on the low end to $12 on the high end. This does not include shipping as I offer to hold your cards ("stack") and ship everything when you're ready.

Each team claimed will get you one entry for the large Gold Mark McGwire tin which is numbered to /299. will be used to assign the winner after all teams claimed have been paid for.

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