Sunday, February 21, 2010

2010 Topps Million Card Giveaway Results

Before today I've only redeemed one code for Topps new Million Card Giveaway. First code resulted in a 2005 Cory Lidle. Yeah. Today's result was at least a little more exciting. 1973 Jim "Catfish" Hunter. I didn't know they did the whole boyhood pictures back then. I like how you can flip the card over on the website. After reading the card I realized that Jim was from my home state of North Carolina. Since he played well before my time I had no idea where his nickname came from let alone where he hailed from. Nice.

2nd code of the day resulted in a 1973 Carl Morton. Who is that?

3rd code for the day resulted in a 1975 Don Gullett. Another player I've never heard of, but getting a card that is older than me is kinda cool. I wonder if the actual card I'll get (assuming I keep it) will be as off centered as the image below?

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