Friday, February 19, 2010

In the mail 2/19/10

2 autographs today! I normally don't go after autographs, but I got these two for cheap and I couldn't resist.

2010 Upper Deck Yunel Escobar Signature Sensations #SS-YE. Paid $2.50. The whole debate of sticker autographs I don't partake in...though I do prefer Upper Deck's transparent sticker they use for autographs over the silver foil stickers Topps uses. At least it looks like Escobar signed the card directly. I was amused late last season when Bobby Cox benched Escobar due to his behavior/attitude. I hope he continues to grow up because he has a lot of potential on the field.

2009-2010 Panini Limited Dell Curry Decade Dominance Autograph #d 32/49. Paid $.99. I don't buy a lot of basketball cards anymore because I have a harder time following the NBA than I did growing up. When my dad would take me to the "Hive" to watch a Charlotte Hornets game it was a fantastic experience. The whole city was pumped to have the NBA in town. To this day I still don't know what the Time Warner Cable Arena looks like full for a Charlotte Bobcats game. The NBA just isn't the same anymore.

I guess that is why I love this card so much. 1) It reminds me of the 'good old days' of basketball in Charlotte, 2) Dell Curry was so much fun to watch play and 3) Autographed cards of Dell aren't that plentiful since he played in a time when the trading card market wasn't as complex as it is now.

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