Tuesday, February 23, 2010

2010 Topps Opening Day Impressions

I had to run to Target this afternoon for some work errands so I made sure to stop by the card section to see if there was anything new. I read on another trading card blog that Topps released their Opening Day set so I had to pick up a few packs. While 7 cards per pack seems kinda of lacking, I really can't complain too much since the 99 cent price tag is very appealing...esp. to a new dad like myself.

The card design is the same as the regular 2010 Topps with 2 small exceptions. The obvious is the inclusion of the Opening Day logo to the upper left hand corner underneath the Topps logo. The other is the absence of the silver foil Topps logo and outline around the player's name. This I like. I thought the foil took away.

When I flipped over the pack to see if any inserts were included I was surprised to see so many different insert sets. While the odds on a patch card were fairly high there were several sets including a blue border parallel there had much better odds. Of the 2 packs I bought I only pulled on insert - CC Sabathia Topps Attax. The rainbow like sheen on the card is beautiful, almost Refractor like. Not liking the Yankees though makes this card expendable though! I also got a Mascot card of Paws (Detroit Tigers) #M9. I'm not sure if this is an insert set or simply a subset of base set, but I personally like these.

Getting kids into the hobby is the sustaining lifeblood we need so I am always pleased to see stuff like Opening Day. I'm not sure how many more packs I'll bust, but I will be hunting down the blue parallels of the Atlanta Braves players.

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