Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pack Break - 2011 Garbage Pail Kids Flashback

Wow, Topps slipped this release right by me without noticing! I ran across these @ Target today and I couldn't resist at least buying one pack to see what was inside. Long before I collected baseball cards I had GPK cards. What kid of the 80's didn't?

With a price of $1.99 per pack I only picked up one pack until I had a chance to see what the cards actually looked like. Here are the 10 cards I pulled:


It appears the set is comprised of 160 cards, 80 a & 80 b. The backs of the cards vary as some feature puzzle pieces, reprinted "ads" or a checklist. 2 of the cards in my pack (Bony Joanie & Geeky Gary) feature the original 80's art on the back. Notice the Flashback moniker is missing under the GPK logo and above their names it says "Where are they now?". I like this "subset" since you get a look at how the artists today interpret original cards.

I was surprised to see so many inserts and parallels in the set.

- Gross Green parallel 1:2
- Punk Pink parallel 1:3
- Silver parallel 1:6
- Gold parallel 1:42
- Sketch card 1:229
- Motion card 1:8

I have to say that I'm impressed with this set. I may even try to complete a set (a or b) while I wait for more 2010 baseball to be released. I wasn't all that impressed with the other current GPK sets Topps has put out...however this set looks to be a lot of fun. I don't care for the loud yellow & black checkered boarders or the parallels, but the base set is enough to entice me to keep busting packs.

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  1. I'm working on collecting the completed set, both a and b as well as the pink, silver, and gold. i'm not really anticipating finding a sketch card, but i did get a motion card! i've gotten them all at target so far! i'm having a great time collecting!