Sunday, March 28, 2010

"New" baseball cards found @ Dollar Tree

The wife sent me in today @ the local Dollar Tree to pick up some birthday wrapping paper and tape and what did I find on a little 4 sided island as I walk in the door? Several different gravity feeders w/ baseball, football, basketball and non-sports trading card packs! I can remember years and years ago dollar stores carrying early 90's cards randomly thrown in small bags. This was a nice surprise.

I didn't have time to really take in everything they had, but I did grab a few packs of 2008 Upper Deck Documentary and 2008 Upper Deck X. I never bought any of the Documentary stuff so I wanted to see what it was like first hand. Wow, I had no idea this set was so freakin' large! I did pick up a pack or two of the 2008 X Baseball and liked what I saw. I didn't have any "hits" per se (best card was a die-cut parallel of Pujols from 2008 X) so these cards will be going on my trade list if anyone is interested. Out of the 5 packs I was surprised that I didn't pull one single Braves. Oh well, now that I know they are selling packs I'll be dropping by more often.

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