Wednesday, July 28, 2010

+1 for my Rey Ordonez collection!

I'm really excited about the latest card I've added to my Rey Ordonez collection. I didn't buy a lot of cards in 1999 or the early 2000's so I completely missed out on Topps' 1999 Finest baseball. In my researching of Ordonez's cards I found he had card #199 in the set and there was a gold refractor version. I don't recall the exact odds, but I knew they were high and I thought my chances of obtaining this card would be slim to none. Fast forward a few years and I finally found the card on eBay. I even snagged it using the 'Make An Offer' option for a few dollars less. Granted the card still cost me $10 which is far more than I've paid for any of Ordonez's other cards (including some nice autographs), I'm glad I did as it's a beautiful card and one more I get to cross off the list.



Until the card came in the mail a few days ago I didn't know the card had perforated like edges similar to a postage stamp. Nice! The card was numbered 073/100. I like the Finest Moment and Finest Career Achievement info on the back of the card as it is entertaining if you will than his batting stats!

I believe with the acquisition of this card I've completed the various parallels. Now back to my search to complete the biggest and best Rey Ordonez baseball card collection.

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