Thursday, October 14, 2010

Group Break Update - Please Submit Payment(s)

All of the boxes for this month's group break have arrived and I'm eager to start ripping packs open!  I appreciate those of you who have already submitted your payment.  For those of you who haven't yet please go ahead and send the payment in.  PayPal accepted - colbeykatie at  If you are still interested in signing up please feel free as there are several teams left.  Remember, your team's price includes shipping!

Please remember to mark the payment as a GIFT and include your mailing address!  Also, if you want any of the wrappers please let me know and I'll throw in one of each.

We'll start the break Saturday, 10/16/10 so stay tuned for the pack results.  To save time (and my fingers!) I may only type up the rookies & hits from the box of 2007 Fleer.  I plan on giving everyone per pack results on the other 2 boxes however.  Because of my work schedule it may take a full week to get all of the results posted.  I'm looking forward to this and I hope you are too.

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