Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Incoming care packages

From time to time I like to send out cards to fellow bloggers just because...well, I'm a nice guy.  Seriously though I do enjoy sending cards out to others to help fill in those gaps in their collections.  I don't really expect things in return when I'm sending packages out unannounced, but recently I received 2 small packages that I wanted to share.

SpastikMooss of The Great Sports Name Hall of Fame and I have been going back and forth sending cards to each other and he recently send me another stack of Gary Sheffield cards he noticed were lacking from my collection.  He had previously sent me some cards of Gary in a Braves uni so this time around he sent me cards from earlier and later in his career.  He also threw in my very first card for my batting pitchers collection that I recently started.  Everything was much appreciated.


The next package came courtesy of Kerry from Cards on Cards.  Kerry sent me a nice mixture of Atlanta Braves including some John Smoltz cards I needed as well as a handful of Charlotte Bobcats cards.  I believe this was the first time since I started this blog back in February that I've acquired new Bobcat cards.  While I'm not a huge fan of the NBA I find it my hobby obligation so to speak to support the home town teams so every once in awhile it's nice to add some new Bobcats to the collection...despite the horrible team name!


If anyone else would like to trade and receive free cards from time to time just let me know.  No purchase required!

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  1. I like buying basketball packs, and then I instantly feel huge waves of buyer's remorse. You'll get all my Bobcats cards because of these mistakes. Only like three people collect NBA cards, anyway.