Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday Trading Card Deals? Who Got Some?

 Now that Black Friday is starting to wind down I am curious as to who found and jumped on any deals regarding to trading cards?  The only thing I was able to score was a hobby box of 2008 Topps Update & Highlights for $20.00 from Blowout Cards.  I'm excited though as I'm still trying to build this set (though I just started).  I wanted to get out there in the crowds and mix it up, but whatever illness my wife and daughter had they so graciously shared it w/ me!  So all 3 of us have been trapped in the house all day.


  1. Good luck with your box and I hope you all get better soon!

  2. After a bad Black Friday experience a couple of years ago which involved me standing out in 17 degree cold all night and then decking a guy who tried to cut in front of me as they opened the doors to the store, I've avoided the crowds on Black Friday. But I did stop by my local card shop on "White Wednesday" (I crack myself up!) and picked up a few cards from the '69 set that I'm working on.

  3. I wasn't able to find anything worth getting on either Blowout or Dave and Adam's. I wasn't willing to spend all day wearing out my F5 key either....

  4. My local shop had a bunch of boxes marked down quite a bit, but I passed and instead picked up singles. Got a good deal on (White?) Wednesday, $6 total for relics of Jay Bruce, Eric Gagne, and a dual of A-Rod and Jeff Bagwell.

    Waiting in ridiculously long lines and/or waking up for a 4 a.m. store opening just doesn't appeal to me.

  5. I called my nearest local hobby this morning and was informed that he had a sale going on. I asked about storage boxes. He was like sure come on in. Well that is at 30 to 40 minute trip to find out what was on sale. I picked out the two storage items I wanted from Blowoutcads and put them in my cart. I check out twitter and facebook periodically through the day. I missed a few boxes I would like, but those are the breaks.

    The one box I saw that sold out before I could get to it was the 2006 Topps Rookies 1952 Edition Baseball Hobby Box for $34.26.

    Also this being my first one, I would have gotten together with other collectors because I saw a lot of collectors wanting boxes instead of the cases they were offering at the end.

    Next year I will have my ducks in a row and get together with other collectors and purchase a case for a break. Cases like:

    2010 Topps T-206 Baseball Hobby 10 Box Case for $399.26

    2010 Topps Pro Debut Series 2 Baseball Hobby 12 Box Case for $374.26

    ‎2010 Topps Platinum Football Hobby 12 Box Case for $774.26

    or even

    2010 Topps Football Jumbo HTA 6 Box Case for $299.26.

    All and All, I like the concept and next year I will prepare better.

    Here is what I got on the day. I just didn't go for any of the deals:

    100 Pack Case of BCW Card Sleeve (10000 sleeves) $39.99

    Bundle of Monster Cardboard Storage Box (3200ct) 25ct Bundle for $39.99

    2010 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects Baseball Hobby Box $62.95 (had to pre-order it, the price was good.)