Sunday, November 21, 2010

Completed Trades

You know - getting a package of new cards in the mail when you're going through a rough time really helps to take your mind off of reality and that happened to me this weekend.  I wanted to take a few seconds and thank both Mike @ BA Benny's Baseball Card Buffet and Jimmy @ prophet got it... for taking the time to work a trade and send me a few things.

I had been saving up some NY Mets and a few Yankees cards to send to Mike and in return he sent me a stack of Braves that I didn't have.  To my surprise 2 of these cards were relics!



These cards were unexpected, but greatly appreciated.  Thanks again Mike!

Jimmy Le sent me a nice little stack of both Braves and Carolina Panthers cards for each of my respective collections.  With the horrible season the Panthers are having one might think I wouldn't want any cards, but despite the set backs and nightmare of a win-loss record I'm always glad to get new cards that I don't have.  The Braves cards he sent me were a nice mix of old and new.  My favorite card in the stack however had to be this Topps Woolworth card of Dale Murphy.  I love the oddball cards such as these, especially when I've never even heard or seen the card before.  Thanks Jimmy!


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  1. That seems like a nice trade! If you are interested in working a trade feel free to email me. I have lots of Braves stuff (I collect Phillies) and would be up for working something out. Check out my "up for trade" page and you'll see a Tommy Hanson auto I have as an example.