Sunday, November 21, 2010

Free Cards*

A few months back I was told I would be given a large box of random baseball cards and I announced I would give them away for free.  Well I was a little premature with the announcement as the deal never happened.  So I wanted to try something a little different.

With the hard time I've been going through I decided to open up a couple of boxes of baseball cards I got in a lot on eBay.  One box will probably end up in a future group break, but the others I went ahead and opened since I wasn't sure if there would be any real interest if I were to include them in a break.  So what I'm proposing to everyone is a free group break of sorts.

I'm in the process of opening a box of 1993 Topps Stadium Club Series 2 and a box of 1994 Donruss Series 2.  I'm holding the Braves out that I need as well as a few other teams for people that I normally trade with.  This still leaves me with a lot of teams/cards that I don't need or want so I'm giving them away for free*!  That little * means I am asking for a small fee to cover shipping so I'm not totally out of $.  If you are interested leave me a comment letting me know which team you prefer.  To try and make it fair I'm asking that you claim only one team right now.  You let me know in your comment what other teams you may want.  If after a few days a team you want isn't claimed then I'll award additional teams.  After the boxes have been opened and I've determined how many cards there are per team I'll contact each of you asking for a few dollars to cover shipping.  Sound fair?  Here are the teams available:

California Angels
Chicago Cubs - Justin
Chicago White Sox - BA Benny
Cincinnati Reds - RGB Cards

Colorado Rockies - ...Joe
Florida Marlins - PhaLe28
Kansas City Royals - smedcards
Milwaukee Brewers - smedcards
Minnesota Twins - smedcards
Montreal Expos - PhaLe28
Oakland Athletics - smedcards
Philadelphia Phillies - ThingsareFunnerHere
Pittsburg Pirates - strangini
San Diego Padres - PhaLe28
San Francisco Giants - BA Benny
Seattle Mariners - Derek


  1. Twins for me now. More later if needed.

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  3. Aw hell, I'll take the Reds since the Mariners are gone already. Thanks.

  4. Let me know what's left when you are ready to rip and I will take a team that nobody claimed.

  5. at the end, if teams are left and you don't want the cards that are left, i will take them.

    I still want the Padres.

  6. @ gcrl - The Dodgers aren't available...sorry. There are plenty of other teams still up for grabs. Check the post for details.

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  9. I'll take the Pirates, if you're still offering. Thanks.

  10. I'll grab the Rockies. I need to build up my reserves a bit. haha

  11. A's, Indians, Brewers, Royals and whatever is left!