Thursday, November 11, 2010

Group Break Recap

First of all let me thank each one of you that participated.  I hope you will be satisfied with the cards you'll be receiving.  I don't feel like a good host unless everyone gets something good, so for the teams that didn't get a hit or many base cards I've thrown in a few different things that I hope will make it up.  Here is a quick video showing the hits from the Stars 'N Steel & Ultimate Victory boxes:

I think I have everyone's mailing address and if time allows I plan to get some of these packages out in tomorrow's mail.  Everything will be mailed by Monday of next week.

December is always a busy month for people and that includes me.  This will be the first Christmas my daughter will be able to really enjoy so I won't be hosting a group break next month.  I hope to return in January with another break however.


  1. Dang, really sad I missed this group break. Sad to miss out on a couple of my old favorites from my early days of collecting... :(