Monday, November 8, 2010

In the Mail 11/08/10

I admit, I didn't watch much of this year's World Series.  I guess after the Giants kicked the Braves to the curb I lost interest.  I did tune in to one or two games for a bit though and somewhere in my viewing I discovered that Rangers player David Murphy is born-again Christian.  A lot of the players I collect share my faith so it's always cool when I find a new player to collect.  I read a little more about David on a few different websites and I liked what I read about his personal life and such.  So I did a quick search for cards on eBay and I ended up landing this beauty for $.99!

2007 Upper Deck Exquisite Rookie Signatures #EE-DM (25/50)  

I don't plan to go all out and collect every card of David, but if I can land other nice autos of him for cheap then why not?  If anyone reading this has any cards of him let me know and perhaps we can work out some kind of a deal.

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  1. Nice card, and it's good to hear we share a common faith.