Saturday, November 13, 2010

In the Mail 11/13/10

I don't know about you, but I love opening up the mailbox and seeing it full of bubble mailers.  Today was one of those days that I didn't even mind getting a bill or two in the mail since I had a few of said bubble mailers waiting for me.


I loved most of Pacific's baseball products back when they had the license to produce MLB cards and this is one of the reasons.  How many other game-used cards does Brian Jordan have?  Not many.  Not only was he included in this insert set, but this version of the card has a nice piece of the road jersey's lettering.  Not bad for $3.00 in my book.


I really enjoyed watching Billy pitching this year.  In recent years I can only remember a few pitchers that seemed to have good success at saving games for the Braves so it was great watching him save several close games this season.  Despite his career numbers not many people seemed interested in this silk card of his as the eBay seller I got this from had to relist it multiple times before I won it for $.99!


Here's another nice game-used / auto card to add to my newest player collection.  I spent a tad more than I normally would, but since I'm focusing more on acquiring game-used & auto cards of David Murphy I figured why not go ahead and pull the trigger.


Lastly I actually grabbed a new Charlotte Bobcats card!  While I love watching ACC basketball, I am not a fan of the Duke Blue Devils, but this on card auto was cheap, it's a RC of a hometown player.  I really have to say I've been impressed of late with what I've seen of Panini's various basketball and football products.  If they keep this up I just may have to track down more Bobcats cards.

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  1. Very nice pick up with that Silk! I love some of the deals Ebay brings!