Monday, October 10, 2011

eTopps offering of the week

I know it seems weird to be so excited over a 1-4 team...but this guy brings so much excitement and hope again to the Panthers!  I was waiting for Cam to be offered in the eTopps program.  His card will be numbered to 1999 and is offered for $7.00.  I haven't mess with eTopps in several years, but this looks like a card that might be worth going after.

So, do you participate in eTopps?  Have you in the past?


  1. I've never done an eTopps thing... looking at their own data on pricing makes me pretty skeptical about the long term value of them. I love the idea of the virtual collection, but the execution seems a bit sloppy, especially since every "IPO" seems to have a different look. Maybe I'm missing something, though! -Andy

  2. It's more than just a virtual collection...although you have to pay more in shipping than you should have to in order to have your card(s) mailed.

    Sometimes it does seem better to pass the IPO and just buy off eBay. It seems most people buy and sell them immediately on eBay for the best profit margins.