Saturday, October 1, 2011

I'm such a tease!

Ok, get your head out of the gutter!  I wanted to gauge interest on my next break.  Would you guys and gals out there be interested in a break that would potentially give us 2 shots at either a Albert Pujols and/or Ichiro RCs?  In addition to that it looks like the 4 boxes I've chosen would also yield 8 hits + other inserts.  We'd also get about around 500+ base cards.  Sound interesting?

**EDIT** hiflew of Cards from the Quarry suggested a great idea!Two different scenarios for sign-ups.  Looking for feedback here please.  In the past I've opened the breaks up to all 30 teams and have had trouble filling them all.  I can't afford to eat teams...period.  However I'm game to whatever everyone wants.  Any Pujols or Ichiro card would be randomed off.  If we do 30 teams the price comes out to $9.75 shipped.


15 slots - choose your team.  After all 15 slots are full we'll open it back up for everyone to chose a 2nd team.  If a Pujols or Ichiro card is pulled they'll be randomed off to all participants.  This way you Cardinals or Mariners fans can still have your team and everyone has a shot of landing a nice RC.  Price per slot comes out to be $16.50 shipped.

We could always drop one box to lower the overall costs too if necessary.

Whatever scenario is chosen I have to have all the slots full in order for this to happen.  So, give me a piece of your mind!  Tell me what option you would be more gung-ho for.  Do you even like having a team that isn't "your team" in group breaks?  Inquiring minds want to know!

I would like to reveal the 4 boxes and post sign-ups soon so if you have something to share please do so.  In the mean time I'll leave everyone with this teaser image:


  1. I'm game for the $9.75 option, and I have no problem going in with a team that's not my favorite. Oh, and I love the idea of Pujols and Ichiro RCs.

  2. I like the idea of having 15 teams selected and randoming off the other teams including the M's and Cards. I am only a Giants collector but the last two breaks my hits have come from the other team. The only other factor would be the boxes chosen since the Giants didn't have tons of cards in some products in the early to mid 2000s. The Premium is a good start!

  3. Adam - I've been quite successful at pulling Bonds inserts from Colbey's breaks of product around this era.

    I'd like to say I want in on this break but money is again an issue this month. That said, I'd prefer the two-for deal over a single team if I can buy in.

  4. I had thought about doing a 2001 box in one of my breaks, but I figured the prices would be too high for all but two teams. I do believe you have come up with a possible solution to the problem. I definitely prefer the 2 for 1 option, but I would switch it to randoming off just the Pujols or Ichiro cards to give Cardinals or Mariner collectors the chance to get the rest of their cards. Just a thought.

  5. @ That is a great idea hiflew. I actually like that idea better. That way a Cardinals or Mariners fan can still their team and everyone still has a shot at the big time.