Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Horror movie month #7 - Walled In

I discovered this movie earlier this year while I was laying on the couch sick.  Thank goodness for Netflix!  I was a little skeptical about the movie after reading the description, but I wasn't going anywhere so I fired it up.

The movie centers around the family demolitions business' daughter that sets out to supervise her first job after acquiring her degree.  What she doesn't know about the mysterious Malestrazza building that she'll be overseeing is the history and mystery surrounding her.  It turns out that several of the building's former tenants have been buried alive inside the very walls that will be torn down!  The main character is played my Mischa Barton who I've seen on TV, but not really aware of what she has acted in.  The movie was a lot better than I expected.  There was this certain creepiness surrounding the tenants left in the building.  She actually spent several nights in the building before it's scheduled demolition and this is when the truth starts to unfold.  

I'd say this is more of a thriller than your typical horror movie, but it's still entertaining none the less.  I'm not sure if it was a direct to video movie or not, but it is one worth checking out in my opinion.

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  1. Walled In is a pretty good movie. I saw it around the time it hit video through Netflix and it exceeded my expectations. Granted they weren't very high to begin with but it's worth watching. Not really horror, as you said.