Sunday, July 22, 2012

Pack Break - 2005 Upper Deck Pros & Prospects

What happens when you have lots of cards and little time?  Stacks and stacks of cards building up and packs you opened in the car after buying them getting lost in the shuffle.  Expect to see a few packs shared here over the next week or so as I try to clear off some of the clutter on my desk.

Most of you have probably seen these packs in your local Target's discount box so I won't bother scanning every single card.  All the cards are available if you want them.

#027 Johan Santana (Twins)
#017 Travis Hafner (Indians)
#066 Mark Teixeira (Rangers)
#011 Aubrey Huff (Rays)
#001 Adam Dunn (Reds)
#096 Larry Walker (Cardinals)

Where are the prospects?  Overall it's nice and clean.  The design doesn't really detract from the great UD photography and I like how the team colors are integrated into the design both at the bottom of the card and along the right side.

The card backs only feature a few years of stats and they cropped and reused the image from the front...slackers.

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