Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Pack Break - 2012 Topps Allen & Ginter (retail)

Why do I feel like today is Christmas?  Oh yeah, this is why...


I document this landmark day in the life of this collector I've decided to share the contents of the first pack of many that I'll be ripping.  Drum roll please...

#287 Hiroki Kuroda

I hate the Yankees.  Why did my first 2012 A&G card have to be a Yankee?!  Next!

#061 Richard Petty

Hailing from NASCAR country (Charlotte, NC) I know a lot of people that would like this card.  Now I'm not a fan of NASCAR in general, but my father was so by default that makes this card GREAT!

#142 Jose Reyes

Former Met, now a fish.

Murder in Willow Cove Price Laughton

I didn't scan the back since I think that is part of the Ginter Code this year.  Feels like this card came right out of a box of the board game CLUE.  May chase this set...still undecided.

#148 Carlos Gonzalez - A&G Mini

Minis are cool.  Period.  I like these A&G backs better than last year.

#WIN56 Aroldis Chapman

Great idea for a set.  Even though it's a big set it should be somewhat easy to collect.

One loosey down, two more to go... plus a blaster and 3 rack packs!

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