Thursday, July 19, 2012

Still working my retail mojo - another hit up for trade!

07/19/12 EDIT - Card has been traded to BA Benny in exchange for the sweet Sid Bream card from '12 Archives!

Taking a break from the A&G onslaught I picked up a rack pack of 2012 Archives the other day and found that my streak of retail luck was still intact when I pulled this auto:

2012 Topps Archives Oscar Gamble All-Time Fan Favorites auto

Now being a Yankee hater I want to move this monstrosity out of my collection as quick as possible.  So if you have a desire to own it hit me up w/ an offer of a relic or auto of a Braves player or anyone listed in the sidebar to the right.  Doesn't have to be a baseball for baseball trade either.  With the NFL season just around the corner I'm getting excited about the pigskin.


  1. Man, it's awesome to pull an auto outta retail. Kinda feels like a win knowing some slime-ball fondled the whole bin of packs.

  2. You have been on a role lately. I know I can find you something to trade for that Oscar Gamble auto.

    P. S. I got my break cards today, Thanks!