Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Trade with a Troll

A week or so ago I got an e-mail from the Collective Troll asking if he could assist me with some of the wants from my 2013 Topps Allen & Ginter want list.  The e-mail was rather long, but amusing.  Anytime someone offers to help me with cards off a want list I'm all matter the situation.

Yesterday I got a used bubble mailer (I see more and more collectors "recycling" bubble mailers) full of 2013 A&G base cards and a few inserts.  He was even nice enough to toss in a few Braves inserts for good measure.

While I didn't have time to scan anything, I did want to make it public of the Troll's generous offer.  In return he'll be getting a Desmond Jennings card that I hope he doesn't have yet (hint: it's a 2014 card) plus a few other Rays treats.  Thanks bud!