Saturday, May 28, 2016

Pack Break: 2016 Topps Marketside

I heard about Topps including new trading cards inside Marketside fresh pizzas at Walmart, but since my household doesn't buy a lot of pizza I kinda forgot about the promo...until the other day when my wife sent me grocery shopping and asked me to pick up a pizza.

The only pizzas that were marked with this promotion at the time I was there were the extra large, but I don't know if that is the same at other locations. The silver foil packs of cards were just tossed in the box, making it easy for someone to possibly remove the cards without buying the pizza.

After I got home from the store I removed the packs before placing the pizzas in the refrigerator and almost forgot about them until Friday evening. Looking over the checklist there are only two Braves in the set and one of them is Hector Olivera and I've made the decision not to add his cards to my Braves collection. Freddie Freeman is the other Brave in the set and he is one of my top PCs so I was hoping to pull his card from one of the two packs. Let's see how I did.

Pack 1

Well no Freeman in the first pack, but the Kershaw is a keeper. Kinda surprised to see an Opening Day caliber card like Mr. Met. Let's move on to pack 2 and see if I have any luck.

Pack 2

Mr. Met again? I know it's a small set but I didn't figure I'd get a duplicate in only my 2nd pack. Well at least Bumgarner showed up. Not a Brave, but a fellow native North Carolinian. Not too bad overall. The cards are nice looking, but I guess from here on out I'll just resort to eBay or trading to get the last card or two I'd like to have. If the Dee Gordon, Evan Longoria or Mr. Met cards interest you, just let me know.