Thursday, June 30, 2016

Uncirculated Cards...Keep Them Slabbed or Free Them?

While doing some work with my Rey Ordonez collection (you know, for my awesome new Rey Ordonez Super Collector blog!) I came across this Uncirculated Refractor from 2003 Topps Chrome. This was one of those cards that I had to wait a long time to find and now I'm at a crossroads of what to do with it.

Do I leave the card slabbed as is? Or do I pop the holographic sticker seal and put the card in it's rightful spot in my Rey Ordonez binder?

Prior to buying this card, the only other Uncirculated cards like this that I had was a similar card in my Todd Hollandsworth collection and a oddball Topps Pristine Pete Incaviglia. Personally I don't see the draw in these, but then again most of my cards in my collection are loose...not even in top loaders. 

I have a very good feeling this card will eventually be freed from it's slab prison so it can join his "brothers" in my album.


  1. I keep these slabbed. I have maybe 8 or 9 Topps uncirculated cards and they're some of my favorite pieces!

    But I'll always peel a Finest protector.

  2. I usually keep them slabbed. It makes it inconvenient to store them, but I guess I feel like I should keep them in their original state. To me it feels right.

  3. I keep 'em slabbed too. It's as close to a graded card as you'll find in my whole collection. I keep them with the game used and autographs which I seperate from binders.

  4. Does "uncirculated" mean 1 of 1 or no longer in print? I would leave the sticker in place for resale value! Maybe they will or do make pages for slabbed cards!!!