Thursday, February 1, 2018

Pack Break: 2018 Topps (Single, Rack & Hanger Box)

Everyone in the bloggingsphere is or will be talking about 2018 Topps. I got in on the fun yesterday with a quick trip to Target where I grabbed two loose packs, a rack pack and a hanger box. So without further delay let's get into the contents of the packs:

First card of 2018, Ryan Braun #180

When Topps first released images of the base design I was a fan, but now that I'm holding these cards in hand they just seem to look even better. I'm not sure if that makes sense, but I really like this set and it's design thus far. The backs are almost identical to last year.

First ex-Atlanta Brave of 2018, Martin Prado #077

First Braves of 2018, Matt Adams #178 and Ozzie Albies (RC) #276

Matt of course signed with the hated Gnats in the offseason, but that doesn't take away from a pretty cool card of Matt. Just look at those tatts on his arm/elbow!

Ozzie got a late call up last season and immediately showed that he belonged in the Show. Looking forward to see what else this young second basemen can do in the majors when given a full year.

First Braves insert of 2018, Max Fried (RC) Rookies #TS-90

Max came over from San Diego a few seasons ago when Justin Upton was traded. Max got a little action out of the bullpen in 2017, but this year he ought to have more chances to show he belongs in the majors.

First non-Braves insert of 2018 - Derek Jeter Highlights #DJH-26

My first pack had 3 Braves cards and I was feeling pretty good, then I read the back of this Jeter card and was reminded of that heartbreaking loss in the 1996 World Series. Thanks Topps.

First parallel of 2018 - Travis D'Arnaud #091

Rainbow Foil parallels are back. I know my photo doesn't show off the rainbow foil fun, but I promise it's a parallel.

First insert set I may build in 2018, Legends in the Making - Noah Snydergaard #LTM-NS

Nothing too fancy, but for some reason I like the look of this insert. Still on the fence whether I'll build it or not. I do have to say though that I hate it when they replace numbering with letters/inititals.

First head scratcher of 2018, Topps Now #3

So let me get this straight. This is a card of a card? Yeah, no thanks.

First card I'm ready to burn of 2018, Washington Nationals #349

As a Braves fan, need I say more?

First "is this a parallel?" of 2018, Giancarlo Stanton Gold parallel #100 (1429/2018)

Is it just me or does the gold used not really pop or stand out that much? I can see it better in the scan than I could with the card in hand.

First of many Cody Bellinger 2018 cards, Award Winner #MLBA-9

Living on the east coast I didn't get to see this guy play much, but by the end of the season I was sick and tired of hearing his name (along with another young kid in NY).

First "I believe I can fly" shot of 2018, Keon Broxton #061

So far the photography in the set has been pretty good. 

First card of new Braves player not in a Braves uniform, Brandon McCarthy #338

I had to do a little reading on Brandon after I heard he was included in the trade that sent Matt Kemp back to LA. I hoping this vetern pitcher can add some much needed stability to the starting line up in the new season.

Follow up Braves

I love the Matt Kemp photo. Looks like it could've been included in a Stadium Club product.

First RC (non-insert) of Max Fried

First card of my adopted "second team", Boston B-Boys #211

My wife's family all are huge Boston fans, so I've sort of adopted them as my AL team. Don't really collect Red Sox cards though, so please don't send me anything!

Just Because Base Cards

The rest of the "highlight" cards from my hanger box.

So far I'm loving 2018 Topps. I was near a Target today while visiting one my facilities for work and it took an awful lot of will power not to run in and grab another pack or two! I'm going to try and pace myself, give myself time to organize what I have before adding more. 

From what I've seen of the inserts thus far I can take them or leave them. I like the 1983 reprints, but since there are so many I doubt I'll try to build that set. I'll just stick with the few Braves included and call it even. At some point in the near future I'll go and ahead build and post my want list as well as include my doubles on my trade list. Until then, thanks for stopping by.


  1. Great always! I am hoping to track down some of the new Topps cards tomorrow. If you are wanting to burn the Nationals team card, just set it aside for me. I collect the team cards out of Topps flagship every year.

  2. Keon Broxton is giving Billy Hamilton a run for his money. Not sure which card I like better.

  3. I agree that some of the parallels don't look much like parallels. That's the puzzling part of the abandoning of borders--parallels are supposed to be more important than the base cards (they're more valuable, certainly), but the parallels really benefitted from borders.

  4. I was hoping the Red Sox' team card would be the three outfielders doing their post game celebration... Boston's B-Boys is another nice option.
    Thanks for sharing your haul!