Saturday, February 10, 2018

Care Package of Cards from Cards on Cards

Anytime I receive a mysterious bubble mailer in the mail that contains basketball cards, there is only one blogger I know that it could be from...none other than Kerry from Cards on Cards.

This little care package came in some time ago, but between my work schedule and the holidays it just got "lost" in the shuffle. There were about two decent sized stacks of cards in the mailer, most of them were cards I either had at some point in the past or needed. I took a few photos of some of my favorites to share.


The 91-92 Upper Deck set is one of my all time favorites. Back in the earlies 90's the Charlotte Hornets were all the buzz (no pun intended...maybe) in town. My father got to split a pair of season tickets with someone he knew so I got to attend many NBA games at that time. While I was young and just getting into collecting baseball cards a few years earlier, the 91-92 season was probably the first year I actively added collecting basketball cards to the fold.

This Upper Deck set was head and shoulders above the competition. While I bought and liked Hoops and Fleer, none of those could hold a candle to what UD brought straight out of the gates. Since I was able to attend so many games, I was familiar with just about every team's roster, so getting a card of those players was fun. Of course I was out to get all of the Charlotte Hornets cards first, but I had a lot of fun with this entire set. One day soon, I hope to buy a jumbo box of this just to relive those memories again.

The modern era Charlotte Hornets are a different story. If I'm being honest with myself...they are a bad team. The only players that make it worth watching them play are Kemba Walker, Dwight Howard and Cody Zeller (at least for me). Kemba has been named to the NBA All-Star team for a 2nd straight year recently. He's been a part of trade rumors for weeks, but thank heaven they didn't trade him away at the trade deadline earlier this week. The team is already hard to watch, I can't imagine Kemba not being on the team.

This shiney Panini Crusade card is gorgeous, easily my favorite amongst all the basketball cards that were nestled inbetween the baseball cards.

When Panini first brought back the sticker albums I was all about collecting them, but like a lot of things I used to collect, I've had to take a back step and downsize. I haven't bought a sticker pack in years so it's always nice to get something new.

As much as I liked last year's Gypsy Queen product, I never got around to buying much of it. Because of that I don't believe I was able to pick up many of the Braves in the set so these are welcome additions...even if I screamed at Snitker everytime he brought Jim Johnson into a game last season!

Another shiney card to wrap up this post. This comes from 2017 Bowman and it's a Refractor of the young ace, Sean Newcomb. The Braves rotation and bullpen will have a lot of young arms this season and I'm just hoping they can help the club stay competitive during the season. The 1992 Bowman design is simple, but pretty great so this makes this card that much better.

Thanks again Kerry for your generosity. Your welcome by the way for the Hornets giving your Trailblazers a W the other night! Take care my friends, have a great weekend!

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