Sunday, February 25, 2018

Affordable Group Break & New Facebook Group

Its been a good while since I've hosted my last Affordable Group Break and in the that downtime I've been watching others break product, taking notes on how I could make my breaks better. It should come as no surprise that a lot of collectors are utilizing Facebook more and more to make trades and hold breaks.

I've had a Facebook page for my blog for some time now, however it was more or less just a "portal" if you will back to this blog. After watching others break product on Facebook I decided to create my own FB group (Cardboard Collections: Affordable Breaks &  Giveaways) to hold any future Affordable Group Breaks I may host. With Facebook Live I can easily open all the packs for everyone to see and hopefully have a little crowd while we do it, making it more fun and interactive if you will. All randomizations will also take place live on video so everyone knows that I'm making it as fair as possible.

I'm hoping that as many of you who that have participated in my breaks in the past or stop by my blog that are also on Facebook will take a moment to come and join the group. I still plan on posting updates on the blog, but the group will allow quicker, real time info. The group is a closed group, but I'll be happy to add anyone that wants to join.

Now, let's get on to the idea that popped into my head this week. While most modern day breaks are all about the hits, this break more or less focuses on ALL the cards, its all about the base (sorry, I couldn't resist). I'm hoping enough people will be interested in older stuff, even if some may consider it "junk wax".

I loved Pacific's run of baseball cards when they had a license. I thought they had some very innovative ideas for the time and I always had fun opening their packs. However I didn't have a lot of exposure to their brand until the 2000's, meaning their 90's stuff I missed out on for the most part. I do remember being at Universal Studios on vacation w/ my family in the  early 90's and I found a store that sold Pacific baseball cards. I believe I bought 2 or 3 packs of 1994 and I was super intrigued because at the time Pacific's baseball card releases were more aimed at the Latino/Spanish markets. The cards featured both Spanish and English and featured a good checklist of players.

I'd like to rip a box of the inaugural 1993 set (series 1) and a box of 1994 (hobby). Each box contains 36 packs with 12 cards per pack. There are some inserts to be found in both sets, but unfortunately they didn't print the odds on the boxes/packs back then, especially for the 1993 set. The 1994 box should yield an All-Latino and a Gold Prism insert. If you aren't familiar with these sets, you can check each out set (1993, 1994) in greater detail.

We'll have 14 total spots available with the format of choose 1 team and the 2nd team will be randomly assigned once the break is full. Cost for each slot will only be $7 shipped. $1 discount for each additional slot. Everything will be done Live in the Facebook group, including randomization of second team(s), trading and of course the break itself.

If you're interested, all you need to do to claim your slot:

* Join the Facebook group (not required, but highly recommended)
* Comment with the team you want (first come, first serve)
* Email or message me your mailing address
* Payments will be by PayPal, (Goods & Services only)
* Have fun!!

We are on schedule to go live will be Saturday, March 3, 2018 at 9 PM Eastern. This should give enough time for everyone to claim your team, join the group and be able to participate in the live break. Please help spread the word to others that you know may be interested, I'd really appreciate that.

As with all breaks I host, I claim the Atlanta Braves. All other teams are up for grabs!

01 - Cardboard Collections / Atlanta Braves (PAID)
02 - Sam Pair / Houston Astros (PAID)
03 - Nick Vossbrink / San Francisco Giants (PAID)
04 - The Angels in Order / California Angels (PAID)
05 - The Collector's Crack / Milwaukee Brewers (PAID)
06 - The Lost Collector / New York Yankees (PAID)
07 - gcrl / Los Angeles Dodgers (PAID)
08 - CaptKirk42 / Montreal Expos (PAID)
09 - Josh D. / Kansas City Royals (PAID)
10 - Beyond the Astrodome / Texas Rangers (PAID)
11 - Nachos Grande / Cincinnati Reds (PAID)
12 - Nick Dusenberry / Baltimore Orioles (PAID)
13 - Cards on Cards / St. Louis Cardinals (PAID)
14 - Trevor / Chicago Cubs (PAID)


  1. Would love to ge a part of your breaks but I do not have Paypal.

  2. If you want to participate Timothy, just shoot me an email and we’ll work something out.

  3. Following this from Marc's blog. I'm in for the Giants.

  4. Thanks Tom, I’ll put you down for the Angels.

  5. I already posted on the facebook group but I'll take the Brewers and payment sent.

  6. HI Colby. I’ll claim the Yankees. Paying now.

  7. You got it, thanks for the support.

  8. I'm not on Facebook, but I'd give you $7 for just the checklists and award cards in the '94 set. I've got a three row box of '94 singles if anyone wants any more. A few stars left too.

  9. Hi Colbey - please put me down for the Royals. I will pay you sometime this week (if I don't forget!!!). :-)
    -Josh D.

  10. Hey colbey! It’s Nick Dusenbury. I’m in for the Orioles! Should I just send money to PayPal?

  11. The list has been updated with the Royals, Rangers and Orioles claimed.

  12. Just a reminder, I claimed the Cardinals and paid awhile back...

  13. You did, sorry about that. One heck of a week at work. Rest assured the red birds are yours.

  14. What the heck, I'll grab the Cubs.

  15. i'll go for the dodgers. no facebook but will paypal you $7