Sunday, December 5, 2010

Pack Break - 2010 Topps Prime (rack pack)

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To be honest I didn't know a thing about these cards before finding a sealed rack pack box @ Wal-Mart the other night.  I don't follow new football card releases so I had no clue or expectations upon my purchase.


I really didn't feel like buying any more Topps Chrome or Bowman Chrome so I thought why not try something new.  So let's take a look at what is inside this rack pack of 2010 Topps Prime.


The rack packs contain 14 cards.  Before I say anything else let me say that these cards are beautiful.  They sport a nice UV glossy coat and the photography is top notch.  If I didn't know better I could have thought I was holding a Stadium Club or Upper Deck card.  For a set's initial release Topps has set the bar high for subsequent years - assuming they'll bring the brand back for 2011.  I don't usually build football sets, but I am very tempted here.  In the above photo you'll find some of the veteran cards - with the exception of one veteran card (Dwayne Bowe) that I couldn't fit on my scanner.  From left to right, top to bottom:

Jason Witten, Frank Gore, Chris Johnson, Greg Jennings, Chad Henne, Jared Allen, Maurice Jones-Drew, Matt Forte

I'm not sure if any certain number of short printed rookies are guaranteed in the pack, but I ended up with 4.  From left to right:


Trent Williams, Damian Williams, Dez Bryant, Rolando McClain


I ended up with one insert - Prime Rookie of Toby Gerhart.  The stated odds are 1:4 packs.  This card is about 3 times the thickness of the regular base cards.  I'm not all that impressed with the design, but I'm sure there will be plenty of RC collectors adding these cards to their wish list.  I've seen some other very nice inserts on eBay already featuring patches, multiple jersey swatches and autographs.  If you like mid to high end football cards or just appreciate great photography don't look this set over.

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