Monday, December 6, 2010

Very Grateful For...

...the generosity shown by both readers and fellow bloggers over these last few weeks.  When I posted my job woes on my blog I never meant for it to bring me pity or free cards, but several people contacted me with very kind words, encouragement, prayers and yes, even free cards.  I do have to admit that having this blog has helped keep my mind off the unknown.  All that said I just wanted to share some of the things (in no particular order) I've received in the mail over the last couple of weeks.


Derek from Tomahawk Chopping sent me a small stack of Charlotte Bobcats & Carolina Panthers.  Despite our QB woes here in the Carolinas I was happy that one of the cards included was a Topps Chrome Refractor RC of QB Jimmy Clausen.  Thank you Derek!

Steve from NY sent me 49 cards of various Atlanta Braves and several cards I lacked for my player collections (Julio Franco, Brad Fullmer & David Justice).  I love getting cards of the early 90's Braves team like Blauser & Lemke as it reminds me of when my dad and grandfather would take me to games.  The cards are very much appreciated!

Scott from Smed's Baseball Card Blog has sent me several nice boxes of cards over the last month or so and over this weekend I got another large box chocked full of Braves, batting pitchers and other cards I needed to fill in gaps for sets I'm working on building.  Just because I didn't scan any of the cards included in this box doesn't mean that they weren't good or appreciated.  In fact I couldn't believe some of the cards inside.  The Allen & Ginter minis (World's Biggest & Monsters of the Mesozoic) are fantastic.  I can't thank Scott enough for his generosity.  I'm also officially so far behind in cataloging and updating my Atlanta Braves master list now too!

Chris from The Call of Cardboard saw my pack break post a week or so ago of 1999 Pacific Private Stock and he left me a comment saying he had a few cards laying around.  8 more cards I can now knock of my want list.  Thank you Chris!

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