Sunday, November 4, 2012

Blogger Appreciation Affordable Group Break

Yes!  You read the title right.  After a little down time my Affordable Group Breaks have returned!  To say thanks to all the people that have participated in past breaks this year I wanted to do something a little different with this being the last AGB of the year.

I have 2 boxes, shall we say, left over from previous AGBs.  Instead of setting a price and trying to cover my expenses I've decided to let everyone name their own price!  I know for a lot of people buying for themselves isn't high on their holiday shopping lists so here is a chance to get a few cards and possibly not pay much for them!  Or use the cards as a stocking stuffer for kids (or adults) you may know. 

First up let's look at the boxes being opened.  1994 Upper Deck Fun Pack and 2003 Upper Deck Standing O!  Yeah, I know there's a big gap in years, but both boxes oughta be fun to open.

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The box of '94 UD Fun Pack contains 36 packs (I think), 5 cards per pack.  Each pack contains one subset card like Fold-Outs, Heat Activated, Foil Stamped or Holographic cards.  Each pack also contains a scratch-off game piece to play a card version of baseball.  All your favorite mid 90's players are included such as Ken Griffey Jr., Bo Jackson, Barry Bonds, Fred McGriff, John Kruk and Frank Thomas (to name a few).

The box ' 03 UD Standing O! contains 24 packs, 4 cards per pack.  Inserts include World Premieres (1:4). Die-Cut parallels (shaped like baseballs! - 1:1), World Premieres Die-Cut (1:48) and Starring Role jersey cards (1:240).

Here's how this break will work.  I'll be offering up the teams in a bidding format.  Each team will be sold individually and bidding starts at only $.25.  Bid increments will be $.25.  No limit to how many teams you can bid on.  Shipping will be set at $3.00 with discounts if you win multiple teams.  Sound simple enough?  I'll open the bidding TODAY through THURSDAY, NOV. 8th - 7 PM EST.

To place a bid please leave a comment with the team(s) of your choice and your bid.  You can bid the minimum or just place your highest bid.  The amount you list in your comment will then be added to the list for everyone to see.  Example:  the current bid is $.25 and you bid $2.00.  Now the current bid is $2.00.  Understand?  Good!

One thing I ask is that all comments / bids be placed IN THIS THREAD!  Reason being is I want all the activity to be public for all to see.  I'll do my best to update the thread several times a day, but before you place your bid make sure to look over the previous comments.  Here we go!

Key:  Current Bid / High Bidder

Angels - $2.00 / The Angels In Order
Astros - $.50 / The Dutch Card Guy
Blue Jays - $1.00 / D a V e
Braves - Cardboard Collections - no bidding, sorry
Brewers - $1.00 / cynicalbuddha
Cardinals - $3.00 / madding
Cubs - $1.00 / rfmeier
Diamondbacks - $.25 / AdamE
Dodgers - $.50 / Tim Byrd
Expos/Nats - $.50 / Tim Byrd
Giants - $1.00 / arpsmith
Indians - $.25 / Baseball Dad
Mariners - $.25 / Jeff Wilk
Mets - $.25 / The Dutch Card Guy
Orioles - $1.00 / ShadyTwine
Phillies - $.50 / Brad's Blog
Pirates - $.25 / Baseball Dad
Rangers - $.25 / Play at the Plate
Red Sox - $2.00 / Adam3
Reds - $.50 / Tim Byrd
Rockies - $1.50 / Tim Byrd
Twins - $1.00 / rfmeier
White Sox - $2.00 / Jeff Wilk
Yankees - $.25 / The Dutch Card Guy


  1. I will open the bid on the Astros at $0.25

  2. I am in ! Let,s open a bid for the yankees and mets, o.25 each !

  3. I'll give the Rockies a shot for 0.25.

  4. I will try the Giants for a quarter.

  5. Phillies and White sox at a .50 cents each

  6. I will go "YUUUUUUUUP!" on the White Sox to 75 cents.

  7. Oke let's have some fun and start a bidding "war" !! I bid 1 dollar for the white sox and 0,50 for the rockies astros and the giants :) yes, i know how to make friends around here :)

  8. Start the Orioles bidding at $1.00

  9. Rockies for $1.50, Dodgers for $.50, Expos/Nats for $.50, Reds for $.50

  10. Red Sox $2.00 and DBacks for a quarter

  11. Getting bid up by the dutch card guy. Bump the giants up to a dollar

  12. Ya know - Seattle seems so lonely. I'll throw a quarter in for them.

  13. You didn't record my bid of 25 cents for the Mariners. :(

    1. Had some technical issues w/ Blogger. All bids updated.