Wednesday, December 5, 2012

How to store/protect/display autographed cards?

As I've been trying to utilize some down time and get a lot of my cards scanned, cataloged and put away I've been thinking about the best way to protect my autographed cards.  The autos in my team and player collections will most likely go into UltraPro pages, but will they hold up over time?

Should I place the cards in penny sleeves before putting them in pages?  Or is that an unnecessary step?  Should autos sitting in stacks waiting to be cataloged be in penny sleeves too?

Has anyone noticed any of your autos smudging or smearing since you bought/pulled them?  I noticed the ink on my Jason Heyward Topps Chrome RC looked a little odd when I went to scan it the other day.  I highly doubt many of my autos will ever really be "worth" anything, but being a Tim Hudson super collector a lot of my autos are low numbered so I'd hate for anything to happen to the autos themselves.

So what I'm asking you as the reader is to chime in and tell me how you store/protect/display your autos in your collection.  Do you page & binder them?  Do you just use the screw down or magnetic holders?  Penny sleeves or no sleeves?  Inquiring minds want to know!


  1. I put them in penny sleeves and top loaders. It works best for me.

  2. If the card is something that I'm trading or plan on trading, then I put them in snap cases, or at least a penny sleeve and toploader. If it's a card that's for my collection, then I just keep them in pages in a binder. I've yet to have any problems with smudging or wear on the auto, whether on-card or sticker.

    Cards that are waiting to be organized, I always like to put into penny sleeves, just to help protect from dust or an accidental bump. But I do that with all cards, autos or a common base.

    1. Good to hear you haven't had trouble with the autos smudging while in pages...that was my biggest fear.

  3. Colbey,
    I put them in penny sleeves and top-loaders. I have had some doubles that if kept in a stack for a long time have stuck to card on top and auto start to come off, so I would not keep them to long in a stack. also direct flouresecent light or direct sun light will fade the autos I seen cards at flea markets and card stores that get to the point were you totally lose the autos. Thanks, Dion